Push Push Penguins – Design Diary

A pushy race for second place.

Penguins are so pushy! Especially when they make their way to the ocean. You’ll jockey for position on the slippery ice in this race. However, an Orca is circling, and whoever it catches first is eliminated – so whoever finishes 2nd in this race is the winner!

Designed by Christopher Chan, David Gordon, and TAM

2 – 6 players
15 – 20 mins
6+ years

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Design Diary

This was another Car-Pool Codesign project on the way to CuseCon in Syracuse in November 2021. This was going to be a race game where the participants push each other.

I designed a board in the car and printed it when we got to the hotel. The rose pieces were borrowed from Chris’s prototype as a stand-in for the penguins.

Chris did some amazing art for the board and characters.

We made it to Feedback Frenzy at Unpub 2022.