Bugs Byte – Design Diary

2 players go head-to-head where each tries to get 4 Bugs to the Mother Chip before the other. Each game is exactly 8 minutes in length and the actions are coordinated by a mobile phone that sits between the two players.

2 players | 8 mins | 8+ years

Design Diary

Spencer and I were talking about game projects during our regular New York City game designer meetup in April of 2023, and somehow we got onto the topic of using mobile phone as a component in a board game. We thought that it would be neat to make a real-time game where the phone sits between the players and coordinates the actions.

We explored several ideas of the game including invading space aliens, cheese stealing mice, and rock-climbing gnomes. The bugs and chips setting came from a 2-player game that I designed 40 years ago.

While the original game was more strategic and Chess-like, the new game is real-time and frantic — like speed Chess.