CIVS – Design Diary

A two-player, tug-of-war of fantasy realms, with a flowing river of events.

A two-player dueling card game featuring fantasy civilizations, where you can pitch the Antlanteans against the Undead, or dragons against the civilization of trees. Be the one with the most acclaim to win.

2 players | 30 mins | 14+ years

David GordonTAM

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Design Diary

In early 2021, David and I started talking about collaborating on a game project. We went over a few ideas, and settled on a 2 player game idea that I had been thinking about based on one of my favorite 2-player games, Battle Line by Reiner Knizia. The most exciting aspect of the game is the ‘river’ of events that flow between that powers the tug-of-war between the two realms.

Due to the pandemic, the game was designed exclusively on Tabletop Simulator. We started testing the game online, and it caught the attention of Eric from Talon Strikes. The game was subsequently signed by Talon Strikes a few days later, in June 2021.