Crafting the Cosmos – Design Diary

This project started as another Carpool Co-design with David Gordon on the trip back from UnPub 2021. Our goal was to make a natural science themed game with beautiful imagery. Astronomy was top on the list and we quickly gravitated towards building a beautiful galaxy as the goal of the game — the ultimate ‘god’ game.

Usually the first thing I do is to make cover art for the prototype. I find that this exercise gets me to think about what I want the experience of the game to be about and communicate that in an image. It’s also nice to have something pretty to look at to get people excited about the project.

One of the early version has goals based on Earthlings, like Stephen Hawking. People didn’t feel that it fits well in a god-game spanning the universe.

We tested at the Fat Cat Fab Lab, the best maker lab in NYC, IMHO. It’s also where I make a lot of my game components.

You definitely needs a good co-pilot when crafting the cosmos.

The game was signed by Asmodee and slated for release as one of the first titles by their new North American division Office Dog.