Flee: The Infinite Corridor – Design Diary

Escape the infinite corridor using magical door, while avoiding the ‘big bad’.

3-9 players | 15-25 mins | 8+ years

Designed by David Gordon & TAM

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Design Diary

This game started in mid 2021 as BEAR! where you were hikers being chased by an angry bear. After rapid development for a couple of months, the game was signed by a publisher, but due to the disruptions caused by the pandemic, it never made it to production.

In Jan 2023, we took it back to the design table, and the narrative changed from hikers being chased by an angry bear, to travelers stuck in an infinite hallway, being chased by a monster — a homage to all the Scooby Doo cartoons we watched as kids. This allowed us to explore different monsters with different abilities.

The first showing of the game to the general public was at the Granite Game Summit in Mar of 2023. We added a clue mechanic where a clue is revealed each round, narrowing down the possible locations of the exit with each reveal. I’ve always wanted to created a game that seamlessly straddles co-op and competitive play, and this game gave us the opportunity to explore this. Now, everyone can win by exiting the corridor, but we can also have games where no one wins, or only some of the players win.

The game gained a proper game board for Unpub 2023. We also made the door cards into door tiles that are smaller to conserve space. It’s nice to be able to put everything on a board to ease setup.