Lost: Design Diary

Twenty-questions + multi-player battleship + bingo

You are a treasure hunter searching for lost relics. Lost is a book-based, legacy-style, casual deduction game that can be played around a coffee table or remotely — all you need is the book and a pen. Each hunter has a map marked with the location of the clues and you ask questions to find out the locations of your competitors’ clues. Part game and part story book, Lost combines the familiar mechanics of “20 Questions” and “Bingo” with multiplayer “Battleship” in a unique way.

Finalist for 2022 Cardboard Edison Awards.

3 – 5 players
30 mins

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Design Diary

I got the idea for making comic book games during the pandemic in mid 2021. I wanted to make games that can be played by players in different physical locations just using voice communication. The only thing that players would need is the book and a pencil.

For the first Scribble Saga game, I decided to make a deduction game, along the lines of Cryptid. Being not a great player for deduction games, I also wanted to make something that is more accessible for people like me.

In 2022, I entered the game for the Cardboard Edison Design Award and made it to the Finalist round. I was thrilled for the nomination and the amazing feedback and praise I got from the panel of judges. I was also very happy that Capetalism, designed by the extremely talented Christopher Chan, won the award. Chris and I are in the same New York City design group, and we have play-tested each other’s games countless times.