Reap! – Design Diary

A colonization game — with a twist!

Your world is dying, and you are commanders in the Queen’s Exploratory Fleet — seeking out a new home for your people. You compete for your Queen’s favor by scouting for nutrient abundant sites, establishing relations with the local population, and reaping the riches from a bountiful world that the locals call Earth.

2 – 5 players
60 mins

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Design Diary

I started on Reap in the summer of 2017 with a desire to design a game with a rondel. One of my favorite games is Imperial by Mac Gerdts, which features a rondel, a mechanics that Mr Gerdts conceptualized for his 2005 game Antike.

My take on the rondel was to create a rondel that combines a resource market and action selection. At the time, I was also playing a lot of older Euro games with a colonization theme, and I wanted to examine that theme in my new game.

The similarity between the circular shape of the rondel and an alien flying saucer helped me combine the serious colonization and exploitation theme with a playful, pulpy, 60’s comic book, space-alien invasion setting.

I also wanted to flip the narrative between the oppressor and the oppressed, and I thought that sci-fi was a good vehicle to explore these difficult subjects.

The early prototypes also featured ‘tentacle’ strings and circular Site Tiles that are placed straight on the play space.

The rondel evolved into a double-layer mothership with a rotating ring — because, aliens!

One of the things I enjoy designing is also how components will be produced. I wanted to make sure that the pieces can be put together easily.

The game also gained a game board which improved the game play, as well as allowed for a more immersive place space.