The Genetic Games – Design Diary

Make long, flexible, folding chains of amino acids.

You are geneticists racing to create a new protein. Use the genetic code to translate DNA bases A, C, T, and G into amino acids that make up a protein. Maneuver the snaking chain of amino acids into intricately folded protein sequences and domains that confer the function of the protein — the building block of life.

Designed by Kristina Hedbacker & TAM

2 – 5 players
45 – 60 mins

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How To Play

Design Diary

We wanted to get the science right, so we consulted with several genetic researchers. Kristina, being one herself, made it easy to recruit scientists.

Being located in New York City also made it easy to get the help of many talented game designers from the New York City Playtest Group.

We knew that we had to make the snaking chain to work. It has to be meaningful and be the core of the game. After many failed iterations, we finally had a breakthrough — just in time for the BostonFIG.

And we actually won the Audience Choice award at the BostonFIG! We were also nominated as one of the Most Innovative Games.

The unique feature of the game is the chain of amino acids that you collectively build. As it gets longer, the chain folds and awards bonus points for making bonds. Collaboration and competition are strong themes in the game as it is in scientific research. Our goal is to get the science right, and also have a game that is accessible, feels unique, and fun to play.